Mercedes Updates Infotainment For C-Class and GLC

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Mercedes has recently unveiled a series of enhancements for its C-Class and GLC models, despite their relatively recent introduction. These modifications, while subtle, encompass an updated color range and the introduction of an entirely new infotainment system.

Beginning with the latter innovation, the vehicles now come equipped with the latest iteration of the MBUX infotainment system. This cutting-edge system boasts 5G connectivity and extends support to third-party applications, conveniently accessible through the Mercedes Me Store. Among these applications are a diverse array of offerings, ranging from gaming to video and music streaming platforms.

In addition to these novel features, the infotainment system introduces a more intuitive interface, characterized by smartphone-esque "tiles" that enhance user experience and ease of navigation. Mercedes has remained somewhat cryptic regarding further details, yet has emphasized the system's user-friendly design.

Mercedes C-Class interior

Moreover, the infotainment system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automate various convenience features and operations. For instance, users have the option to establish personalized routines, such as the 'Cold Day' setting, which automatically activates heated seats when the ambient temperature falls below a predefined threshold.

Delving deeper into interior enhancements, both models now offer the option of a leather-free steering wheel cover, presenting a completely animal-free interior alternative—an enticing proposition for eco-conscious consumers.

While additional alterations are relatively minor, the GLC now introduces the eye-catching Verde Silver Metallic paint scheme, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, both models welcome the inclusion of the new Manufaktur Alpine Grey Uni color option, broadening the spectrum of customization possibilities.

Mercedes C-Class

Not stopping at interior and technological advancements, the GLC and GLC Coupe now boast digital key technology, affording owners the convenience of locking, unlocking, and even starting their vehicles via smartphone. This innovative feature extends the convenience further by facilitating key sharing with up to 16 individuals, ensuring seamless access for family and friends.

Presently, the updated GLC and C-Class models are available for ordering in Germany, with pricing commencing at €47,730.90 for the sedan variant and €59,809.40 for the crossover iteration.

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