Mercedes S-Class Safer Than Before With Rear Airbags

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Mercedes Benz has announced that this company is going to reveal the new S-Class on 2th of September. As the regulation for safety is tighter, this German luxury automaker did some changes to improve this new car’s safety. This new safety technology is airbags for rare passengers to protect them in frontal crashes.

As this company argue, they are the first one, who decided to equip its car with such a technology. “It calls for an entirely different concept to that of front airbags, “the automaker said that to the press. It seems that, on of the reason for such an effort was children. It is designed to adapt with child seat. But it doesn’t mean it is the only expansion on safety features.

Another feature is new Pre-Safe Impulse Side function. This technology is so interesting. This artificial intelligence, when the vehicle senses the inescapable accident, uses the E-Active Body control suspension to give a lift to the entire car. as the same time the tech Mercedes is employed and the front passengers are moved to the center of the car by the help of seat air cushions.

This is the second “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL” episode of Mercedes. There will be one more on 12th of August. In that teaser, company would focus on the interior of this car. the first video described the latest MBUX of Mercedes so well and also the technology of screens of it, which could supply up to five screens inside.

Because the new S-Classic reveal won’t arise in a month, the peoples curiosity caused spy shots and photos which show the face of it. The external face didn’t experienced so much changes, but it doesn’t mean no fundamental updates. This product says hello to the Market just with high-tech goodies like new safety options and much more. The waiting will end so soon to learn all about this luxury car.

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