Mercedes Going To Build An All-Electric Supercar

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Years of future is coming. More electric, more environmentally friendly. Also, the worlds emission regulations are getting more restrict. Does this mean that the hidden power of gasoline is being ignored? No more high-speed races? Not at all! Mercedes-AMG whispers the name of a powerful but electric car. it is somehow late for Mercedes to join the club as the other cars like Tesla or Taycan has have already started the game.

What we know about the new supercar is that this EQS coms along with the S-class. It is too early to claim more while the Mercedes company and Daimler group gave no information about the new developments. One of the missing links is the platform. It is still unknown which platform is based on. But what we know is that the CEO of Daimler, Ola Kallenius, just mentioned that, they have plans to challenge Porsche in plug-in hybrid performance segment. If they are ready to face Porsche, they are ready for the Tesla too. These companies are all the bests.

Also, Daimler's CFO, Harald Wilhelm in an Interview with Bloomberg Television said:

“We have a very comprehensive product portfolio, including very attractive sports cars, and sports cars will go electric as well."

We interpret it as a sign of existing a new platform. This is ready to transfer to a real EV. could it be a version of the Mercedes-AMG One supercar with 1,000 hp as a Plug-in car?

What do you think?