Mercedes-AMG One Is Almost Ready After A Long Delay

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Mercedes-AMG Project One, with a مong delay is coming. This car was just a prototype in 2017. After a while the project was delayed because of powertrain tweaks. In 2019 that happened again. But it now it seems that at last company is coming to a conclusion and this F1-inspired hyper car is really close to production. There are some rumors that reveals us new information’s about this car.

Exterior Updates

The Project One is going to be built with the “larger fixed aerodynamic part at the rear”. The prototype had an active rear spoiler but the new one is changed a bit. As this car is inspired by F1 cars, it could have the same functions as the T-wings have in F1. Also, there is some possibilities of four exhaust outlets, not three outlets. The wheel rims with compare with the prototype is changed too.

Inside The Hood

As the Supercar Blog claims, this new hyper car had a cold start before. But by new developments, this issue is completely solved. Before we knew that the output of the car would be about 1,000-hp. Since company did have a good progress to optimize the 1.6-lit V6 Hybrid E-turbo powerplant, the power of engine reached up to 1,200-hp.

Also, Mercedes doing some efforts to reduce the cabin noise level. This is the last steps to the full development. Of course, there are some more details to be considered. During to the schedules, the cars will be delivered in second quarter 2021. For those 275 who have about $2.75 million, that is a great news.

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