Meet The Hurtan Grand Albaycin, The New Retro Based On Miata RF

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Many of you are probably familiar with Hurtan name. It is a Spanish carmaker, which was founded in 1991 by Juan Hurtado González. It made headlines four years ago and now it has done it again.

The company’s new model is called the Huratan Grand Albaycin. It shows another perspective of the current generation of Mazda MX-5, but with a very conventional and retro design. It is named after a district in the city of Granada. You can say that the new (but old looking) vehicle can be based on the Miata RF.

According to the company, Mazda is aware of the project and is totally ok with it, but it does not mean that the model is going to get to mass production phase. Only 30 units of the retro looking Hurtan Grand Albaycin will be produced in 2021, like many other gorgeous vehicles.

The buyers have to packages to choose from, one is called the Heritage, the other is the Bespoke pack. The Heritage configuration looks more classic, but the Bespoke one comes with a sportier design.

The company was looking to mix the classic design with modern and advanced technology and hardware. It is now clear which time period was adopted as the source of inspiration, but the Hurtan Grand Albaycin looks like a British roadster from the 60s.

Hurtan Grand Albaycin rear end

Just because the appearance looks old, it does not mean the powertrain is old as well. The new model is equipped with a 1.5 or 2.0-liter gasoline engines, which belong to Mazda itself. The first one can generate 132 HP while the latter makes 184 HP.

The model will be debuted officially on Saturday and Hurtan will reveal more pictures, especially from the interior and cabin.

We have no information about the price, but we know that the Hurtan Grand Albaycin will get to Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates for sure.

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