Meet Peugeot Hybrid4 500KW, The Peugeot Sport And Total’s New Hypercar

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Peugeot Sport and Total have been partners for almost 25 years. Now, they are about to release a new hypercar together with a whole new and powerful powertrain. They have revealed the full specifications as well.

Peugeot Hybrid4 500KW


The new model benefits from hybrid technology, with a mid-rear, 2.6-liter, V6 twin-turbo petrol internal combustion engine which produces 680 horsepower. The petrol engine is paired with a 200 kW electric motor. The high-power density battery pack has been developed by Peugeot Sport, Total and the subsidiary Saft. This powerful hypercar which is called Peugeot Hybrid4 500K, is equipped with a four-wheel drive system and is accompanied by a seven-speed transmission.

It is safe to say that this newly developed powertrain is smart enough to make the energy flow management much easier.

notes François Coudrain, PEUGEOT Sport’s WEC Program Powertrain Director, says:

”The architecture of the PEUGEOT HYBRID4 500KW powertrain is the result of a highly-detailed brief shaped by the new FIA WEC regulations. We initially considered a single turbo, but that would have prevented us from achieving our engine’s centre of gravity target. A twin-turbo V6 block offers the best trade-off between technology, weight, packaging of the engine’s ancillaries, reliability and performance.”

Total is in charge the lubricants, since the cooling fluid and greases are really important for the whole Hybrid4 500KW’s system. So, the hypercar will be able to showcase maximum performance in different temperatures. Total has developed especially made oils to make that happen.

The electric motor is front-mounted. It is responsible for the motion of the front wheels. This 200 kw electric motor has been developed by an experienced team full of experienced experts.

Peugeot Hybrid4 500KW 2

François Coudrain explains,

” The motor generator unit will be equipped with a lightweight, high-efficiency single-speed transmission and a latest-generation inverter to transfer battery power to the motor. It will have the capacity to use all the energy available in the battery instantly thanks to the powertrain’s energy management system strategies. PSA Motorsport’s experience of the WRC and Formula E will contribute to the development of the software employed to manage the computer and energy systems [braking energy recovery, power under acceleration, anti-lag system, reduced fuel-consumption].”

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