Mansory’s Jordan-Inspired BSTN GT XI, The Most Stylish Lawn Mower You’ll Ever See

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You are probably familiar with Air Jordan XI which is one the most popular Jordan sneaker in the shoe culture. The designer of this particular pair of sneakers, Tinker Hatfield, was inspired by different things while designing them, including a lawn mower. Well, who are we to judge! Now we are back, with another crazy yet jaw-dropping design from Mansory.

Anyone ordered a luxurious sneaker-inspired lawn mower? Mansory is the famous German luxury designer and apparently, has worked with BSTN (Germany’s source for premium sportwear) in order to design the BSTN GT XI lawn mower.

It is a bit shocking but what you see in the pictures is a real lawn mower and it is called the BSTN GT XI. For creating this interesting-looking product, Mansory was inspired by Jordan XI shoe, especially the recent sleek ones. The pictures taken from the product are black and white with special noir theme which showcases the resemblance between the product and the shoes clearly.

Mansory's lawn mower

Mansory’s activity is not limited to the theme and the color. The company has used some bespoke body parts to the BSTN GT XI. There are also handmade carbon-fiber panels as well as an especially made racing seat. You can seat while using this super stylish lawn mower, but don’t expect it to be fast!

To be honest, we do not know if the luxury BSTN GT XI lawn mower be offered in the market or not. The Website of Mansory has shared no details about BSTN GT XI.

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