Manhart Unveils Thor Carbon Package For BMW XM

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The BMW XM has recently become a playground for tuners, with Renegade Design, Mansory, Larte Design, and Venuum all joining the fray, offering extravagant carbon fiber kits for the controversial SUV. Yet, the excitement doesn't stop there, as German tuner Manhart is poised to steal the spotlight with their latest creation: the "Thor" tuning package.


Drawing inspiration from the Norse god, Manhart's "Thor" package promises to elevate the BMW XM's aesthetics and performance to new heights. The package includes a range of visual enhancements, with preview renderings showcasing the standout feature: a carbon hood equipped with GTR vents designed to optimize engine cooling. Complementing this are a sleek splitter, a grille frame, and matching garnish for the bumper intakes, all contributing to the SUV's aggressive stance.

The profile of the vehicle receives attention as well, with aerodynamic side skirts spanning over 2 meters in length and new covers for the mirror caps adding to the package's allure. Owners can further customize their XM with Manhart wheels, choosing from options like the Forged Line or Concave One designs, available in various finishes to suit individual tastes.

Manhart BMW XM

Turning to the rear, the Thor package doesn't disappoint, featuring a large roof spoiler paired with a lip spoiler on the tailgate for added visual impact. Additional touches include a trim piece connecting the elongated taillights, garnish for the decorative vents, and a rear diffuser with aerodynamic extensions. Manhart has hinted at forthcoming add-ons for the rear bumper and carbon trim for the quad exhaust pipes, ensuring that the customization options remain extensive.

The BMW XM bodykit offers flexibility with three different finishes: regular carbon, twill weave, or forged carbon, catering to diverse preferences. Installation is made convenient with parts easily mountable at the original BMW points, utilizing special adhesive and fasteners. This design choice ensures that the enhancements are fully reversible, offering peace of mind to owners who may reconsider the aftermarket modifications in the future. Additionally, a gold decal set will be made available, adding a touch of luxury to the already striking appearance.

While Manhart is renowned for its BMW engine tuning expertise, they have not yet announced any performance upgrades for the XM. However, with the stock XM boasting a robust plug-in hybrid powertrain combining a twin-turbo V8 and electric motor to produce either 644 hp or 738 hp, depending on the model, there's certainly no shortage of power.

For European customers, there's an alternative option in the form of the XM 50e, featuring a turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine and electric motor producing 469 hp, providing ample performance for those seeking a slightly less potent variant.

Manhart BMW

Enthusiasts eager to embark on the transformation journey with Manhart can now place pre-orders for the Thor Carbon Package. While pricing details are yet to be revealed, early adopters can take advantage of a 12 percent discount by reaching out to Manhart directly to secure their order, ensuring they're among the first to experience the bold evolution of the BMW XM.

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