Manhart Unveils High-Performance Upgrade Package For BMW M2

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Manhart has wasted no time in introducing an upgrade package for the G87 M2, with the February unveiling of the MH2 560, although its presence seems somewhat subdued compared to the GTR II. While the MH2 560 sports a brooding black finish that almost conceals its carbon fiber enhancements, the GTR II proudly flaunts its modifications with a striking magenta paint job adorned with champagne-colored Manhart decals.

Manhart M2

The stock 3.0-liter S58 six engine of the M2 produces 453 hp, but Manhart's MH2 560 lives up to its name by delivering an impressive 560 metric horsepower, equivalent to 552 hp. However, it's the GTR II that truly steals the spotlight, boasting a staggering 705 hp and 850 Nm of torque. Surprisingly, Manhart claims that achieving these figures required nothing more than an ECU remap, along with the addition of a carbon intake and performance exhaust.

For customers interested in upgrading their own M2, Manhart offers a range of exhaust options. The fully legal TÜV-approved version includes sports downpipes, HJS cats, a stainless steel system with valve control, and four matte black 100 mm tailpipes. Those less concerned with emissions standards or driving regulations, or residing in regions with lenient restrictions, can opt for a more aggressive setup with race downpipes lacking cats and a DPF delete kit.

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Visual enhancements abound, featuring carbon hood trim, bumper inserts, front spoiler, and grille, accompanied by a substantial fixed rear wing and Alpha-N diffuser. Additionally, new carbon side skirts and Raffa Wheels RFS-02 Forged Series rims, sized at 20×10.5 inches in the front and 21×11.5 inches in the rear, add to the vehicle's aggressive stance, complementing the body decals.

Manhart BMW M2

To enhance handling, Manhart has equipped the MH2 560 with a Manhart Variant 4 coilover suspension kit by KW, ideal for track performance. Inside, the stripped-down interior exudes a race-ready ambiance, with rear seats removed in favor of a champagne-colored roll bar and Schroth harnesses for added safety.

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