Lotus Says Farewell To Elise And Exige With Their Last Edition

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Lotus, as a very unique Automaker, is famous with its sporty cars. In the journey of a car life, there is always a point to say goodbye to the production line. (Bugatti is an exception!) This time this company made the lasts of its Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige. Lotus to make them unforgettable, has Offred the most complete list of new features for the last edition of Elise and Exige.

“most extensive list of interior and exterior features ever.” That s the English Automaker decision. So these two sport cars, make their ancestors proud. And with proud they would leave the market. The first Elise came out in 1996 and four years later Exige joined it.

Starting with the first genome of Lotus color, one of the features of last edition is Azure Blue used on Elisa one century ago. The other paint is Racing Green which is for the first time in 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show. Also, the Black is not forgotten too. It was on the Autobytel Lotus Elise Championship race series.

2021 Lotus Elise sport 240 final edition

Secondly, goes about the performance. While the Elise Sport 2020 has an output of 217 hp, the final edition, Elise Sport 240, has 240 hp output. This power comes from a 1.8-liter engine with 244 Nm of torque. Also, in 4.1 seconds it reaches to 100 km/h. the lighter 10-spoke anthracite wheels with some optional carbon fiber panels made the new two-seated car, much faster.

The last edition of Lotus Elise Cup 205, some aerodynamic tweaks are also used along with standard goodies, including Bilstein sport dampers and adjustable anti-roll bars. The carbon fiber option is also “on” for the vehicle. This car weighs just 931 kg (without fuel weight).

The lineup Lotus company includes Sport 390, Sport 420, and Cup 430 models. All of them have the new equipment, wheel designs, paint choices, and body decals. For distinguishing the last edition cars, Lotus has built a plaque to show they are the last ones.

Lotus Exige Sport 390 , the new version of 350 model, has 47 more horsepower. That means the total output of this vehicle is 397 hp. And in 3.7 seconds it reaches to 277 km/h. the weigh is also 1.138 kg. the Exige Sport 420 as the replacement of 410, has 420 hp, and hits 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. The weight is also 1,110 kg. and as standard equipment we have everything from adjustable front and rear Eibach anti-roll bars to AP Racing brakes with forged, four-piston calipers.

2021 lotus exige 390 final edition

The last model of Lotus Exige, the Cup 430 final edition holds 430 horsepower to make it the most powerful of its family. It hits 174 km/h in 3.2 seconds and weighs 1,110 kg. the ultra-lightweight wheels measuring 17 inches at the front and 18 inches for the rear axle are used on this vehicle too.

2021 lotus exige 420 final edition

The last Elise and Exige would be just 55,000 units in whole. And they leave the red carpet escorted by the Evora special edition later this year.

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