Lamborghini Urus Under The Mansory Surgery, The Carbon Body Kit Along 800 HP

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Mansory has once again did an artwork on another super car. the Lamborghini Urus is already a performance SUV. Although the Italian thought this vehicle has nothing less, but the German tuner thought further. And for some bunch of more money, you can have a real monster by Mansory.

If you have $500,000 money and don’t know what do with it, Mansory offers you the Lamborghini Urus P820 Venatus. With this company changes, this lambo looks like the alien car, or even a rover in other planet. It seems that this type of design has its fans, and Mansory has already sold a good number of them.

One of the most eye catching of this tuned SUV, is its iconic color. Bronzo Zenas on the body is like the crown of Lamborghini. This color was on the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster, which presented this particular metallic shade at its Geneva 2019 debut, too.

The RoCars on its YouTube showed some facts of this Mansory work. This widebody kit brought a whole new soul to this vehicle. This body kit includes much carbon fiber. The front is perfectly designed and the carbon hood or the fender flares are nothing usual. But what is more magnificent, is the wing. This big guy really needs this oversized wing over the middle of the trunk lid. Also, the diffuser which is reflection of Lamborghini Centenario looks, added Mansory’s personality to it. Don’t miss the central exhaust has three connecting diamond-shaped tips. That’s one of the most important changes in tuning world.

When we speak about the Mansory Usus, that means, its original powertrain with 640 hp output, should do much more. So, the tuned version, on the Mansoty Dyno, showed the 809 hp of output. (tell me what you want to do with this power!). also, it’s a turbocharged so 50% more torque is added to the powertrain system. That means 1,050 Nm (just for your information, Lamborghini Urus leaves the fabric with 720 Nm).

mansory lamborghini urus

By the way, this big alien SUV has not yet any records, but what these numbers shows, it could hit Nurburgring.

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Dr. Rob Douk
August 3, 2021

Love it. I bought my wife a 2020. Would like to discuss.