Lamborghini Countach 50 Came Alive, The ARC Design Revealed A New Rendering Of It

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Lamborghini is celebrating the 50th anniversary this year, and this event would come along with amazing rendering and new designs too. The Countach, is one of the evolutionary designs of its times. The independent artist from ARC Design worked on this car ones a gain in 2021. And gave a shark look to this V12. The Countach 50 was the mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive supercar.

lamborghini countach 50 rendering

The rendering is very interesting. You can feel the path that this designer passed behind. the body curves and also shape of the slots, are just like a shark gill. Just if this all digitized Countach be a real vehicle, with a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter engine, it seems it would need much more airflows into the engine. We should consider, this car has the changes of the last models on its vehicle back in 1990s. this car has the air inlets on its shoulders while the later models had an active rear spoiler to boost aero.

lamborghini counttach 50 rendering

That’s not all the air of the designer. The lights under the glass of the body cover are so iconic. No gaps on the body, and still the horizontal lights are there. Also, this artist embedded the third brake light in the glass engine cover, which shows how much details are done on this design. Other renderings are mostly just about the exterior, but this one has every details even the cabin too.

By the way, if this vehicle could come out of the screen, unfortunately, we can’t expect to see a pure V12, as this Italian automaker changed its strategies. But maybe could be a combination of electric and the Ultimae being the last naturally aspirated flavor of the big Lambo.

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