Kia EV6, The First BEV, With New Design Philosophy

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It has been a long time that we see the cars with almost same configuration. Big and waste grills at front and muscular look. Kia also had always its style. From 2007 with the introduction of “Tiger Nose” grille which was invented by Peter Schreyer, was on every single products of Kia. Now after more than one decade, this company planned to start a new design philosophy.

kia EV6

Just recently, Kia has an update on the name of company (Kia Motors) and also the Logo of it. The new Slogan of this company “Movement that inspires" should fit its vehicle sprits too. So, having a revolutionary look on the new Kia EV6, is on agenda. EV6 is the first dedicated battery-electric vehicle (BEV), the new design identity is previewed in official images prior to the EV's global is "Digital Tiger Face."

kia ev6

By the new meaning slogan of Kia, this company wants with its designs shows the inspiration which are found in nature and humanity. The five keys of this Idea are: 'Bold for Nature,' 'Joy for Reason,' 'Power to Progress,' 'Technology for Life,' and 'Tension for Serenity.'

kia ev6

The EV6 is the first car with this new designed grilled. The sharp lines, light patterns both were on the teasers before. the EV6 is not just a crossover. It has clearly low ground clearance. The swoopy C-pilar gives the EV a coupe-like silhouette. The rare look is the decorated with the LED light cluster that extends from left to right rear fenders.

Kia has not changed the grille. Also, inside the car is designed by keeping an eye on "an innovative use of space, “the curved screen atop the dashboard that spans from the driver's instrument up to the center is one of the changes. The two-spoke steering wheel with new Kia logo and HVAC controls positioned below the huge screen are said to be using haptic buttons are other changes.

The official debut of Kia EV6 is in this month. So, it’s not much late to get more information about this new EV powertrain.

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Mohammad Saleh
June 14, 2021

I love this design! I think it look likes an amazing EV. If I wasn’t getting the 2022 Fisker Ocean (which will be delivered end of 2022), I would get the EV6. 💚💚💚☺️😉😊😘😍🥰