Jetta VS5 Is Going To Chinese Market With German Platform

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Jetta is a young Chinese brand that is going to introduce its latest car with the excellent quality that will attract many buyers. Jetta VSS5 is a mid-size SUV with a sporty front facia. It has an X-shaped design at the front and an eye-catching polygonal grille alongside the sharp headlights. The front facia design is so distinct and you can easily recognize the VS5 in the street.


Other parts of the body also look that their design is drove from German cars. At the rear and taillights are dynamic and well designed while there are silver accents on the bumper to give it a more dynamic and SUV look. Definitely, the best part is the side where the VS5 shows a powerful shoulder line and beautiful wheels. The lower part of the doors is also covered by a black plastic material to give it a little more adventure character.

Jetta VS5

Inside the cabin, the automaker equipped the VS5 with plenty of technologies like keyless entry, fatigue driving prompts, inductive boneless wipers, front seat heating, LCD instrument cluster, electric sunroof, automatic headlights, dual District automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth phone, Car play/Car life/WeLink mobile phone interconnection, GPS navigation, network query, Alipay payment, air conditioning temperature adjustment, Window switches, ACC adaptive cruise, merging assist, and lane departure warning. So as it seems, Jetta VS5 is one of the best Chinese cars when it comes to standard equipment.

Jetta VS5

Platform & Engine

Jetta VS5 is based on the Volkswagen MQB platform so it focuses on comfort and dynamic. Under the hood, there is a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder direct injection engine connected to an Aisin AQ250 six-speed automatic manual transmission. It may look weird but we have no power figure from this car but the engine torque is 250 nm. The emission level has also reduced by 45%.

Jetta VS5 is a Chinese car with a German gene so it’s fair to expect its success in the market.

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