Jet Ski With V8, Its Daytna GT Engine

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The V8 Daytona GT is the first V8-powered jet ski, according to Strand Craft. Strand Craft produced ultra-exclusive boats, the 166 and 122, about a decade ago. Those multi-million dollar boats were elegant hotels with garages floating in the ocean. When it comes to the company's portfolio, their jet ski is standard fare.

Underneath the elegant exterior of the V8, Daytona GT is a 6.2-liter supercharged engine. No horsepower or torque statistics were given by Strand Craft. There's no mention of peak speed, but it's probably as fast as you're willing to go with it. A V8 turbodiesel engine will also be available from Strand Craft.

V8 Daytona GT

A front storage box, a battery switch, an underseat cooler box, a fifteen-inch touchscreen that monitors all engine operations, and even a quality sound system are all standard equipment of the V8 Daytona GT. Wood inlays, a teak wood deck, retractable tender lifting rings, an underwater camera, and many more options are available. A shock-absorbing seat is something we think you'll need, especially if you're driving through choppy water with that much power.

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