Jeeps Revealed Electric Off-Roader, Wrangler 4xe

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As others companies, Jeep has some plans for a green world with its electrical cars. They procedure of electrify its cars by 2022 is under progress. Lately, this company revealed the Renegade and Compass 4xe PHEVs. Now its time for Wrangler 4xe. Actually, the firm gave not much information about this electrified off-roader, but there is some evidence which shows they would open their mouth and speak, as same as the arrival of Wrangler 4xe in this December.


Although Jeep gave the whole frame of the Wrangler 4xe, but there are much more to learn about it. For example, the powertrain of this vehicle is still in the shadows.


Jeep used a turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder to power its other PHEVs. But it doesn’t mean that would happen for Wrangler too. Some rumors are speared that Wrangler would be equipped with 3.6-liter V6 with some electrified components. The safe area to put the electrical components is some place between the exhaust and the driveshaft.

jeeps new electric car wrangler 4xe in Ces

There are some spy shots too. But in these photos no design changes are available or at least noticeable. Just there should be a charging plug-in door to charge the car. what is still unclear is that the electric version of Wrangler is a four-door car or two-door or even debuts in two forms. By now just a four-door is seen.

Big Competition

In July, there was a very close competition between Jeep and Ford. The earlier teaser focused on the quit engine with the slogan” so quiet it won’t disturb nap time”. Now the teaser has another massage. “Blend in with nature,” are the letters in bold which confirms the hybrid powertrain. So, it seems that for now Jeep is one step ahead of Ford.

What this emulation results in? better offers for customers and more services. Each company wants to have more consumers so they make the buying situation more dreamful. And this is the Jeeps option. An off-roader with electric engine.

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