Jeep Wrangler JL V-8 Will Roar With Hemi Engine

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This morning Jeep with posting a photo on Facebook without any commentary, fascinated its flowers. What makes this photo so special is the time it is posted. Recently Durango Hellcat was announced and RAM Rebel TRX teaser released. Now a Wrangler with 392 on the hood, could means that Jeep Wrangler would finally has a V8 option to the buyers.

JL Jeep Wrangler is one of the best’s off-roads vehicles and by the changes which mostly are done by the owners, it is up-dated to a powerful creature. One of the most expensive alteration is under the hood. Most Jeep-lovers put a Hemi-V8 engine as the power unit to maximize the power and also satisfy they aural sense because of the its perfect noise.

This engine which is mentioned before was used in a wide range of Dodge products which included Charger scat pack or Challenger scat pack. Also, some aftermarket companies like Rubitrux do the same changes on JL Jeep Wrangler. This engine is located below the Hellcat range and provide performance satisfaction.

Hemi Engine

Hemi V8 engine with its 6.4-liter capacity delivers 644-Nm torque to the wheels. Meanwhile Ideal power will be up to 475-hp. This engine would be one of the best options which could ever has been offered for Jeep Wrangler. The 392 Hemi is not just 8-speed automatic, but also 6-speed manual transmission.

Now with this new teaser, the details of the design and its beauty shows that V8 on Jeep Wrangler is just one step away from market. Wrangler enthusiasts don’t have to apply any changes after pursuing their beloved car. They can just order it directly from the company.

Jet the representatives declined to comment on this teaser. Is it possible to see a Wrangler leaves the company with written 392 on the hood? Would this old dream come to reality and fans’ waiting comes to the end or not? We should now just wait to see what comes next.

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