In New Nissan Navara Safety And Tranquility Is Sensible

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Nissan with over 80 years of pickup making, is one of the automakers with good reputation around the world. This Japanese company has introduced so many good trucks during years. Now it is the time for Nissan Navara to have new updates and stand in line of the saftest, most comfort and most driving pleasure cars. This pickup is named Nissan Frontier in Mexico and South America.

As the company claims, in the new Nissan Navara, the newest technologies are Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s chief operating officer said:

“We packaged the new model with a full set of advanced technologies to ensure enhanced dynamic performance on- and off-road, as well as safety and comfort ushering in a new age of toughness, tech, and peace of mind,”

NISSAN NAVARA new updates

More Intelligent Than Ever

The option for Nissan Navara and of course Frontier is Intelligent Forward Collision Warning. This system monitors the second vehicle ahead as well as the vehicle directly in front to reduce the risk of multi-car accidents. Also, Intelligent Emergency Braking system is engaged to avoid collisions. More “Intelligent” word comes with the Around View Monitor. This feature is also so usable for the driver to be aware of the surrounding. so, with this car you shouldn’t be worried about the parallel park.

Nissan Navara Pickup New Technologies

What’s more is the off-road monitor, which checks surrounding obstacles at low speeds when in four-wheel drive mode. Now new models will have a strengthened rear axle which increases payload capacity, new steering adopted to improve maneuverability at low speeds.

PRO-4X Grade, Comes To Navara

Also, the car has less noises and vibration. In this way, passengers feel more comfortable in the Pickup. Also it is the first time that Nissan has offered the PRO-4X grade to Navara and Frontier. This grade has its unique look. As your vehicle has athletic look, with a black emblem, orange-accented front bumper, black grille, door handles, roof racks and running boards accented by 17-inch black wheels and all-terrain tires.

This Unbreakable Design will go on the sale in December in Thailand and then slowly spreads to world market.

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