Hyundai Venue To Uses Manual Gearbox Without Clutch System

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Statics shows that only 12.5 percent of new cars in U.S market sold with manual transmission. It shows that buyers are not that much interested in three pedals so Hyundai and Kia introduced a new technology called iMT or Intelligent Manual Transmission for Hyundai Venue and Kia Sonet.

2020 Hyundai Venue

The iMT technology is a manual transmission without a clutch pedal and the clutch mechanism is automatically activated. It shows a lot of similarities between iMT and AMT transmission while on iMT the driver still can select gears manually in conventional way.

Hyundai also mentioned that the driver doesn't need to lift its foot from gas pedal during gear changes. This system uses special sensor to detect the shift time and then activates the clutch with a hydraulic actuator.

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