Hyundai Custo Receives His Former Debut In China, Comparison With Staria

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In an attempt to try the Minivan segment, it is not dead, Hyundai makes a great splash with the futuristic star. Not only that, but also a second person who is mover on the agenda, and it is the name "Custo". Registration images totally have become the Internet, courtesy of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), where the Minivan has recently been approved, similar to the Crown SUV of Toyota.

2022 Hyundai Custro

The design of the front grid and square wheel arcs say the latest generation of Tucson, but this is a real minivan with sliding doors and a high ceiling. Hyundai has recorded "Custo" at the Chrome Bar, which was flanked by the headlights, while the company's name carries the central scene in the back gate. The latter will be offered in two versions, so the upper panel is hidden in the rear lights, which is hidden in black or in the same color as the rest of the body.

Custo probably continues to be a question of China, but even if it is randomly introduced outside the republic of people, Hyundai will not sell it in the markets in which the Staria has. It is smaller than Staria. It is less luxurious minivan than Statia. Its power is less than the Staria or even less than the Euro model.


Here you can see their comparison:

1. Body size

Custo is 4,950 mm (194.9 in. ) long, 1,850 mm (72.9) in.) width and 1.734 mm (68.2 DE) high; but

Staria is 5.253 millimeters (206.8 inches) long, 1,997 mm (78.6 in.) wide, high 1,990 mm (78.3 in.).

2. Power

Custo's power comes from a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 167 HP (125 kW), much smaller than the 3.5-liter Staria’s 268-HP gasoline unit and even less than the diesel 2, 2 liters of 175 HP in the euro model available.

3. Axis spacing

Custo's wheelbase 3,055 mm (120.2 in.), while Staria has much longer than the axis spacing, 3,273 mm (146.5 inches).

The Custo was not officially disclosed in China, although it is likely that it happens only a few days before. The Auto Shanghai showed on Monday (April 19) with the first day of the press, and now we are able to see that the Minivan receives its proper disclosure instead of this first debut through the MIIT website.

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