Hyundai Celebrates The Earth Day With BTS with Spot Robot Turns Off The Lights

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For using more active green energy, Hyundai has been functioning actively on strengthening communication with Millenias, same as Gen Z-ers and allows them to do it. Hyundai has made a global K-Pop BTS hydrogen campaign under the slogan because it spread the ecological duration and duration of pure energy, this action started from last year.

Previously this year, a clip was transmitted on a digital billboard in New York City. This show was presenting the vision of Mobility's Hyundai and the Korean Guys-band appeared on it. Again these days, the second state parliament of the Earth with the lead role of BTS was introduced by this company. It is expected that this clip is so successful, just like the first one that was initiated last year, had collected more than 100 million visits to YouTube.

Hyundai Worldwide on Twitter:

All members of the K-POP group are promoting tiny practices in the newly short video that published as 'For Tomorrow, We Won't Wait'. Each practice can participate in any daily routine in any case like zero waste, recycling or growth systems. At the end of this video, BTS be able to be seen driving Hyundai's FCEV Nexo which represents the vision of the company in the melody with the land of Earth Day. The Executive Vice President at Hyundai Motor, Thomas Schemera, said:

"Hyundai Motor's response to these environmental concerns is NEXO, a dedicated hydrogen fuel-cell SUV. We want to make sustainable modes of transportation like NEXO more accessible to everyone while working alongside BTS to provide positive encouragement to customers around the world."

K-Pop Group BTS Celebrates Earth Day with Hyundai, Spot Robot Turns Lights Off

At the end of the video, a stage comes which the mobile robotic Spot made by Boston Dynamics switch off the light. This Symbolic move wants to increase the public awareness of sustainable development and climate change and also refer to the announcement of Hyundai on April 13 at the online event #DarkSelfeChallenge, in which people are encouraged to cut off the lights. Even the event promoted to Instagram is part of a global hydrogen campaign.

There is good news from Hyundai since it plans to continue the Global Environmental Day campaign that will happen in June. As the company has used its FCEVs around the world, their marketing strategy seems to pay.

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