Huawei Jumps into the Coupe-SUV Ring with the Luxeed R7

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Huawei is teaming up with Chery to launch the Luxeed R7, a sleek coupe-SUV that promises both performance and space. This isn't Huawei's first foray into the car world – they've been working with different partners on various car brands. Luxeed sits in the middle of the pack, offering more features than the SUV-focused Aito brand but not quite as luxurious as the Stelato brand. But wait, there's more! Huawei has another brand coming soon with JAC Motors, and that one's rumored to be a super-fancy flagship sedan.

The first glimpse of the Luxeed R7 came from Yu Chengdong, the big boss of Huawei's Smart Car Solutions program. He shared photos on Weibo (a popular Chinese social media platform) and even gave the R7 a pretty cool nickname – "world revolution." That's a bold statement, suggesting this car will be a game-changer.

Luxeed R7 EV

There are two exciting options for the R7's engine: a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) or an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV). Both versions will use a cutting-edge 800-volt architecture and special high-voltage batteries made with silicon carbide. Experts are predicting similar power options to the Luxeed S7 sedan, which means you could choose between a single electric motor with 288 horsepower or go all-out with dual motors pushing a whopping 489 horsepower! Speaking of power, Chinese media is buzzing about a possible driving range of up to 855 kilometers on a single charge, which is pretty impressive.

While Huawei hasn't officially revealed all the details yet, leaked information suggests the R7 will be a decent size, measuring almost 5 meters long with a spacious interior thanks to a long wheelbase of nearly 3 meters. The design borrows some elements from the S7 sedan, like the shape of the headlights and the overall body sculpting. You'll also find similar sensors throughout the car, including a special one mounted on the roof that helps with Huawei's advanced driver-assistance system.

Luxeed R7

As for the inside, we haven't seen any official pictures yet, but sneaky spy shots from China suggest it will mirror the S7's dashboard layout and technology. That means a massive 15.6-inch display powered by Huawei's own HarmonyOS system. And when it comes to space for passengers and cargo, Chengdong promises the R7 will definitely "exceed expectations."

The wait for the Luxeed R7 won't be too long – it's expected to hit the Chinese market sometime in the third quarter of this year. The price tag is likely to fall between $41,400 and $55,200, making it a bit more expensive than its sedan sibling, the S7. But with its sporty looks, spacious interior, and powerful engine options, the R7 might just be worth the extra cost!

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