How To Make An Old Engine Run Like New

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Overhauling an old engine requires lots of effort and a job. How long it takes to run an old engine depends on the engine's condition and how easily you have access to the original parts. Here on Carsbite car review magazine, we will take a look at some actions you need to take in order to run an old engine.

Check all wires and electronics


If you have easy access to old car parts it's good to replace all wires, spark plugs, and coils with new ones because they might be worn out. How To Fix Overheating Car

Change all liquids


An old engine might have lots of debris inside so it's good to clean the inside. It should be checked that there are no metal particulars inside the oil because it is a symptom of damage in the engine’s internal parts.

Replace gaskets


In an old engine, you might have your gaskets damaged or decomposed. It is better to replace the head gasket, the oil pan gasket, the valve cover gasket, and the water pump gasket with new ones you don't need to worry about any leaks.

Endoscopic diagnosis


By using an endoscope inspection camera you can detect any damage inside the engine and cylinders without wasting time to dissemble the engine. If you detect any damage on the piston surface then you have to change them. Cylinder walls have to be inspected carefully. Don't forget to check the engine compress as well. If the engine doesn't run properly, see why a car won't start.

Overhaul the fuel system


Most old engines use carburetors rather than electronically controlled injection systems. The carburetor is usually a state of issue and if your engine is equipped with more than one carburetor then welcome to the master class of engine issues. To prevent any unexpected problem it is worth overhauling the fuel system entirely.

If the engine uses an injection system, check the fuel rail pressure and fuel pump. Last but not least check and service injectors and replace them if it is needed.

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