How To Keep Car Battery Charged When Not In Use

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If you're thinking about taking a trip, you might be concerned about whether your battery will still be functional when you get back. When a car isn't used frequently, the battery can deplete, which could prevent you from starting it the next time you need to.

These suggestions on keeping a car battery charged when not in use are necessary if you anticipate not using your automobile for a time. So stay with Car Review Magazine.

How A Car Battery Works

Using A Trickle Charger When Changing A Battery


Deploy a battery conditioner or trickle charger

If you're not using your car for a long time, trickle chargers or battery conditioners are excellent for keeping your battery healthy.

Take out the battery in your car

You must unplug the battery and remove it if you intend to park your automobile for an extended period of time. Your automobile battery may endure between six weeks and six months after you have removed it. If you still need the battery after three months, you should ideally charge it before then.

Disconnect the negative terminal

By cutting the negative battery terminal, you effectively cut the battery's connection to the chassis ground. The positive terminal, however, can accidentally slip and harm other electrical components of the car if you detach it.

Car Battery

Drive your car once a week

The electrical systems in your car gradually deplete the battery, but if you drive it in this manner once a week, you will keep the battery charged even while the other electrical needs in your car are met.

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