How A Heavily Tuned Nissan 400Z Would Look Like?

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All-New 2022 Nissan 400Z revealed couple of months ago as a serious rival to Toyota Supra or BMW M2. It was completely changed comparing to its previous model of Z cars; however, it came with many criticisms about the exterior design. You could easily find automotive journalists who did not like the design specially when the Toyota Supra, the main Japanese competitor, is much more aggressive and attractive. Therefore, our colleagues in Carsbite decided to make some changes in this car to make it more beautiful because we really like the Nissan cars and their engine performance, and they need to be placed into an appropriate vehicle.

As you could see in the above picture, a new body kit is installed on this car to make it more aggressive and aerodynamic. Huge alloy wheels are necessary for such a sport car to use in streets to make it more good-looking. There is also a big rear wing to create more downforce and front bumper is also changed.

Nissan is a great automaker to build high performance engines; however, we really think it deserves to be settled on an appealing car showing how much power from inside are going to bite the asphalts!

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