Honda Teases Its New SUV, Higer Ground Clearance

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Honda's future, more robust models will be known as Trailsport. The first of them will come this autumn. Honda says the TrailSport vehicles will have more aggressive tires, higher ground clearance, a retuned suspension for enhanced off-road driving, underbody protection, and improved all-wheel drive.

There are changes to the front and back appearance, as well as additional body covering. The cabin gets orange stitching and all-weather floor mats.

According to Honda, the objective of these items is to increase the cars' off-road toughness without sacrificing on-road capability.


The TrailSport models' emblem is orange, with mountains depicted over the top of the lettering. The combination of harsh angles and curves alludes to off-road routes and rock climbing.

Future TrailSport cars would receive items like as a full-size spare tire, in addition to all of the other enhancements mentioned by the carmaker. According to the firm, these more goods will be available over the following several model years.

While Honda has an off-road heritage in dirt bikes and ATVs, this does not extend to the brand's automobiles, so it will be fascinating to watch how the company positions the Trailsport vehicles to get people to notice these rugged Hondas.

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