Honda Recalls 2017-2019 Ridgelines Over The Backup Camera Issue

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After years of complaints that the backup camera on 2017–2019 trucks breaks down soon after the warranty term ends, Honda Ridgeline consumers are now celebrating a victory.

Vehicles come with a wiring harness that could become worn out and break after numerous tailgate opens and closings. The rearview camera could malfunction if the wiring break. Honda was compelled to conduct a recall because backup cameras are mandated by law and a driver's inability to see the feed from the camera may raise the danger of an accident. Honda claims that the corrugated tubing of the RVC wire harness is the root of this problem.

117,445 Honda Ridgelines produced between October 29, 2015, and June 1, 2019, are included in the recall. At least 42 Honda Ridgeline owners complained about the problem with the wiring harness on the website of the US Department of Transportation's Office of Defects Investigations.

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In order to assess the severity and potential safety implications of the fault, it consequently started a preliminary evaluation in February of this year. Honda claims it learned about the problem in July 2018 and began implementing changes to the manufacturing process on June 3, 2019.

Beginning January 16, 2023, Honda will contact owners of affected Ridgelines and request that they return their vehicles to a nearby dealership. A professional will replace the wiring harness with a better part there. Owners who paid to fix the problem on their own dime will be reimbursed.

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