Honda N-Van Camper Is A Boxy Night Staying Car, Small But Enough

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Honda N-Van is one of the interesting vehicles these days. This little type vehicles are normal at the homeland of Honda, and yet unfamiliar to the world. Since Honda introduced this small vehicle, it named many usages for it, the latest one is being a Camper.

Actually, this living place is directly based on N-Van. Though Honda provide just some basic information about this boxy vehicle, but it seems if you want to camp for a night, this N-Van is really enough. As company claims, N-Van design is suitable for more convenient use of luggage space, while an air mat designed with White House Co. occupies the passenger side of the vehicle.

Besides, opening doors and luggage’s door can provide the space which is not available inside the vehicle. The large rear hatch would also make getting in and out a breeze. A small table is a nice complement. This N-Van should be mixed with the N-Van Mobile Café. The other vehicle was introducing earlier this year. As the name makes it clear, N-Van Mobile Café is the place to make tasty drinks, though the stainless steel-like exterior, red-and-white awning, and cute menu board really sold the cute car. The camper is by the way what really people need.

The N-Van camper will be on the spotlights for the first weekend in October in Ishikari City, Hokkaido. Also, a modified N-Box and a Honda Freed will be present at the event. These petite cars, as Japanese calls them “Kei Cars” are very popular inside the country and other far east lands, but not the American taste. However, it seems as the cities becomes more crowded, the need of such a small car in urban life is seen. Slowly, Kei Cars will find their way to the international market. That’s the fact we can’t escape of.

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