Himalaya Land Rover Defender Introduced With 650 horsepower

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Himalaya is a British aftermarket specialist company that works on off-road vehicles. Their latest project is based on a V8 version of Land Rover Defender.

V8 LT4 Engine

Probably the most important thing about this black defender is its supercharged V8 LT4 engine that can produce 650 hp sent to the wheels with 8-speed automatic transmission. To handle this enormous amount of power the tuner installed a 4-link suspension system with coil-over dampers, a roll cage, Fox shocks, front and rear skid plates, and Brembo brakes to improve stopping power.

Himalaya Land Rover Defender Engine

Changes for this V8 Land Rover defender continues inside the cabin with the leather-covered door panels and steering wheel. The tuner also installed a new flat-bottom steering wheel, custom seats, a modern climate control system, and a Hi-Fi audio system.

Interior of Himalaya Land Rover Defender

According to Greg shondle Himalaya president:

At Himalaya, our engineering team is always working to provide clients the very best, and our new Summit Series is a direct reflection of that commitment to create the very best Defender restorations in the world, this first Summit Series Defender is our first modern ground up-level creation. The truck features our own in-house transfer case that is built for increased horsepower. HIMALAYA’s engineers also included a special coil-over suspension that presents a vastly improved drive experience. Another great facet to this truck is Brembo partnering with us to provide a highly specialized braking system that works in tandem with the truck’s upgraded performance. This really is a next level truck, which is what our new Summit Series is all about.


All these changes are not cheap so this ultimate defender from Himalaya costs between $250,000 and $300,000 which is way expensive than the most expensive version of the 2021 defender.

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