Hennessey Venom F5 Uses Aero Tricks To Be Car Faster, Not Giant Engines

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Hennessey Venom F5 made noises. This super car is not new, but still there are much to learn about it. this year, Venom just broke 200 mph so easily and it getting ready to make a new contest to break 300 mph too. It has 1,817 hp and 1,617 Nm of torque. The weight is under 1,361 kg. approaching to these numbers is not easy. Here we can see all the details and tricks that Hennessey made.

hennessey venom f5

Having a powerful engine, light weight and good power transmition system are good but not enough to hit 300 mph for a road-legal car. So, by the new Video, Hennessey’s Director of Design, Nathan Malinick, shows us all single details and tricks that they’ve done. Even small features like Hennessey Badge on the car was important. Its is just 8 microns thick (like the size of one human hair).

This vehicle is mostly about aerodynamics. It has various wings and scoops. No wild edges and no fake winglets with no uses. But aero tricks are much more important for Venom. Looking at the front aero blades, it’s a bit out of the fascia to guide airflow around the front wheels. Also behind the wheels are ducts that create a high-pressure area to help channel air into the big side vents. Other vents by the engine cover, pull in air and the hollow taillights at the rear extract air from the engine bay. That’s internal more downforce.

Hennessey venom f5

Inside the vehicle is also minimal. Its not about making fun, its about going fast. So, no buttons on the dash. All drivers need is on the steering wheel. Leather just on seats and wheel and other components inside are carbon fiber or titanium. That’s how to keep the weight low (but make the car more expensive).

hennessey venom f5

For buying such a vehicle you need $2 million. But even you have the money, you don’t have the time as the only 24 unites that company made are already sold. On the US roads, owners can just hit 2,500 miles per year as the cars fall under show and display rules since they lack airbags. The last Venoms will be delivered by 2023.

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