Have The Convenience On Camping, Like Your Sweet Home With Airstream Travel Trailer

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Airstream is a well-known company in the camping trailers industry. Its background backs to 1920s. After 100 years, this company has a special position amount other travel trailers makers. This company also had a great sale after six weeks quarantine because of the COVID-19 in May and March. These sales were so high like 1980s. These also established a new factory in Ohio which it is possible to build up to 165 Campers in a week.


Now this firm proposed for three European models (the 534,604, and 684) an overhaul. These changes included new decorations to get the most advantage of space and as the same time a cozy place. New décor package includes new color on the wall (light gray) and blue light. These to colors go along so well.

Airstream Camping

This American camper maker also introduced a new floor cover. This cover is made from a woven vinyl material. They changed also small things like cabinet handles or new color for bathroom floor. But what did not change are technical equipment like hot-water heater or a three-burner gas stove.

Camping Trailer

Other features like TV, satellite and air conditioning are all available. But also, Airstream customers can also use some other amenities too. This company considered even a motorized trailer dolly which has an electric motor to move the trailer in short distances like the times you need to park it in an appropriate place.

By the way, these small changes had no effect on the price and the prices for Airstream models remain in the same in Germany. If we have a chance, we could see new updated Airstream 534 at Caravan Solon in Düsseldorf on 4th of September. Airstream also can suggest you the Trailer which is most appropriate with your needs. So, don’t worry. the variety is so big and you can also have your own Airstream to hit the road and enjoy the vacation.

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July 30, 2022

I would like to have a quotation on a catering trailer stainless steel airstream trailer