GSS Specs vs US Specs, Which One Is Better To Go In The UAE Market?

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If you look at the sale ads in the UAE, you will notice that some of the cars are Persian Gulf specs, which are referred to as GCC. There are other cars that are called American specs. Now, these different specifications can confuse car buyers in this country because buyers think that the difference between a US-specs car and a GCC is in their options and features. But the difference between the GCC and American specs cars is also related to their technical parts, so for customers living in the Persian Gulf, GCC cars are more suitable choices.

GCC cars differ from American cars in terms of technology, options, and sometimes the cabin. Automakers are implementing these changes on their products due to the climates of different markets. In fact, GCC vehicles have been modified to better adapt to the climatic conditions of the Persian Gulf.

The hot weather in the UAE is not good for every car, that is why GCC cars perform better in this country. Although GCC cars are more expensive than other cars (perhaps by 10 to 15 percent), buying them is less risky in the long term use.

We will first discuss how to identify a GCC vehicle. In all GCC cars, the inscriptions on the side mirrors are in Arabic. If you see these stickers in English, know that the car is not GCC specs. Also, according to the rules, the inscriptions on the label inside the driver’s door (including chassis number and car model) must be in Arabic. Usually, the safety description sticker on the student's sun visor is also in Arabic in these cars.

As we mentioned at the beginning, GCC cars are also technically different from American and Japanese cars. In the following, we will address these technical differences.

Air conditioning system

Air Conditioning System

As you know, the weather conditions in the UAE are very difficult. The country has a very hot climate and therefore a car designed for a tropical climate will not perform well in the UAE. For this reason, GCC cars have an enhanced air conditioning system so that they can cool the car cabin without any problems even in hot UAE weather.

Filters In GCC Specs


Dust and sand are also abundant in the UAE and can easily enter car engines. To solve this issue, automakers have designed special air filters for GCC vehicles to prevent sand and dust from entering the engine while driving in the desert.



The radiator of a normal car in the extremely hot weather of the UAE can not cool the car engine well. GCCs usually have larger radiators to improve engine cooling.


Better Corrosion Protection

Parts of a car in the UAE are more likely to corrode with high humidity. To solve this problem, automakers make GCC vehicle parts corrosion resistant. This can be done using protective coatings or new items.

Should We Buy A GCC Car Or Not?

In general, GCC cars have no disadvantages compared to American or Japanese cars, and their only drawback is the higher price. However, the higher price of these cars will show their value in the long run because the probability that the car will have problems and performance decline is much lower.

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Adam Engle
November 20, 2021

Can a GCC vehicle be bought in UAE and exported to the U.S./imported to the U.S.?

Ahmed Abousen
August 2, 2022

Do you recommend the Jeep Wrangler 4Xe US specs in GCC ?