Good News For #NEXTGen Fans In The UAE

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#NEXTGen is a platform which belongs the BMW Group. Information about the company’s technology and its achievements, are given through this platform. Now thanks to BMW Group Middle East, this project is debuted in the United Arab Emirates!

The origin

Originally, this project was created in 2019 to perform as the group’s innovation and product showcase. The vast world we live in, is changing drastically in the field of technology every single day. So, the BMW Group is using this great opportunity to introduce new technologies and trends to make the future of automotive industry a brighter and more advance place. This aim will be reached through new high-tech products and what they themselves, call Power of Choice strategy.

The debut session

This great and global event, shares many things about the newest flagship model, which is called BMW iX. It was hosted by Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, who is the managing director of BMW Group Middle East.

Dr. Haqparwar said:

“It’s incredible to bring the digital launch of #NEXTGen 2020 directly to Dubai. We are delighted to have presented an innovative event that truly reflects the BMW Group’s outstanding drive developments and showcases that we are future-proof in all aspects.”


In the event, there were discussions and footage of how the BMW Group is focusing on the research and development of some collaborations which makes our future so much better. “Chasing iNEXT” gave us some insight about the topic.

The footage was shown on a LED screen, as it shared information about the BMW Group’s design, international partnership, electric drive system, connectivity, eSports and artificial intelligence.

People who attended the event, had the chance to take part in an exciting RaceRoom gaming session, thanks to the eSports development.

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