GMC Will Reveal Its Second Truck After The Hummer EV, Officially Confirmed

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Electric cars, seems to be the only way out of the green-house gases disaster, and the fight to be the first of every thing is so close, as well as for the Truck’s and off-roaders industry. No one don’t like to be left behind. So, GMC has officially confirmed the new electric full-size truck. It could be second Electric truck of this company after the Hummer EV.

This report is confirmed by the vice president of global Buick and GMC, Duncan Aldred, when did a conversation with the Automotive News. He didn’t reveal much information about the new truck itself, but this one can carry the name of the its internal combustion engine vehicle, the GMC Sierra.

As said before, the competition among the automakers is very though. Ford has its F-150 Lightning, Tesla has its very designed electric off roader, and Rivian too, besides they are making the Electric big trucks section bigger. So, why should not GMC be at the list too. Even Chevrolet approved the Silverado EV, which will be built alongside the Hummer EV in GM's Factory Zero plant in Detroit.

General Motors as the big supplier of Ultium battery, can be a generous help for GMC. Though, GMC didn’t say anything about the exact time for new model arrival. Maybe, we could have the chance to see it, next year. There are roamers saying, this pickup can hit 644-km, just like the Silverado EV.

Ford F-150, as the conqueror of the America’s market, can travel with a full charge for 370 km, at the same time, the larger extended-range battery can extend the range to 483 km. so, if GMC wants to be a leader, should pass Ford.

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