GM Ultra Cruise System Is Revealed, A Hands-Free Drive Almost Every Where

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General Motors revealed its new technology of hand-free driving. Its named Ultra Cruise. This system can be a good competitor with the Tesla’s self-drive system, as it seems to be more accurate. The other good news is that costumers can choose this system on their new 2023 Cadillac models.

GM had already its Super Cruise system. This system is suitable just for highway driving, whereas the Ultra Cruise makes free-hand driving in every road possible. Its not important you are in U.S. or Canada, GM system covers almost “95 percent of all driving scenarios” , just like company claims.

cadillac ct6 super cruise

In comparing with the Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system, we can see GM uses more facilities. Appose from Tesla’s system which relays on just cameras and AI, GM uses cameras, radar, and LiDAR and of course AI. This system is operable for 2 million miles of roadways, but company says it can expand to 3.4 million miles too. Its not any more important that you are in city or on land, it can offer you door-to-door service.

This company also added, the Ultra Cruise is some how adaptative. That means during times, it can add features, functions, and services. Drivers also have direct connection with the system via display, and they can see what car sees. This system provides automatic lane changes, left and right turns, object avoidance, following speed limits, and reacting to permanent traffic control devices. The monitoring system is just like Super Cruise system which means driver can interrupt the autopilot and take the control very fast.

cadillac ct6 super cruise

The bad news here, is that just some of the GM owners can use the benefits of this system. Just some with premium vehicles. Also due to the global chip shortage, General Motors had no choice to omit even Super Cruise system from Cadillac Escalade. Even, the destiny of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra is unclear. We can see the Super Cruise system now just on Cadillac models and the Chevrolet Bolt (standard hatchback and Bolt EUV) which has its battery issues now. who knows what would the Ultra Cruise Hand-Free drive system lead to?

To adding this Service, the final price is not announced yet. But just considering the Super Cruise services pathway, it can be just like Super Cruise with three year free use and then $25 monthly fee for continued use.

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