GM Cruise Origin As An Electric Robotaxi, Dubai's Streets Hosting It

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A multimedia report said "The General Motors cruise is set for the extension of the operation in Dubai"

"The subsidiary of autonomous vehicles of major transactions has signed an agreement with Dubai Roads and the transport authority to be the exclusive provider of the Taxis of Self-control and Ride-Haging services by the end of 2029", according to CNBC. It also explained that there is no date on which autonomous vehicles are available for the public in Dubai. However, it is expected that the Cruise operates a fleet of up to 4,000 automatic vehicles in the city of the showcase from United Arab Emirates by 2030.

Cruise Origin Robotaxi

CNBC employee Cruise focused on the automatic travel tests in San Francisco, and now they had a registered test fleet of more than 200 vehicles. It has been delayed to offer a public robotaxi fleet in the city of California from a first plan for 2019. This Cruise would build a new company based in Dubai which is fully responsible for the implementation, operation and maintenance of The autonomous fleet, as the report said.

Dubai wants to reduce transport costs and translate 25% of the trips to the city around 2030, CNBC said. GM acquired Cruise, whose CEO is 2016 Dan Amman. Other announced investors include Honda, Soft bank and Microsoft's Vision Background, noted by CNBC.

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