Giulia GT Electric, A Beautiful Alfa Romeo Concept Car

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Most people are familiar with one of the most famous cars of history, Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA. This beautiful product of Alfa Romeo, stepped into the market in 1965 for the very fist time. Now years after that first step, Totem Automobilia group has revealed the concept of what is now called “Giulia GT Electric”.


Totem Automobilia

Totem Automobila is an Italian start-up brand, formed by the brightest and most talented designers, who have taken parts in designing Giulia GT Electric. This new brand, was founded by an Italian person named Riccardo Quaggio in 2018. Apparently, Riccardo was a designer at Honda R&D Europe. Then he worked as an interior designer for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Giulia GT Electric

This gorgeous concept is based on the unforgettable Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, with only a few details changed. Actually, it looks like the older vehicle got a restoration-modification treatment to meet the needs of the modern market and customers. Giulia GT Electric, is pretty successful in bringing the old Alfa Romeo car and its beautiful memories back to life. It is claimed that Totem Automobilia, has used the original chassis to develop the concept.

The front suspension has got a major modification thanks to MacPherson suspension. The rear suspension includes a multi-link one. The strengthening process has been done exclusively by hands.

The motor, that belongs to ‘2electron’ brand (which is also Italian), generates 380kW power and 980Nm of torque. It uses a special technology named ‘McFly’, which belongs to the maker brand. This technology, simulates presence of a mechanical gearbox that leads to a real driving experience found with an ICE. That is why the motor sounds are so real and authentic.

It should be noted that only a few units of this car will be made.

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