Genesis E-GV70 Has No Difference With GV70

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Genesis has opted to give up plug-in hybrids, or other hybrids, in favor of only offering fully electric cars alongside traditional ICE models. Its first batch of BEVs will be re-engineered versions of existing models that have been upgraded to EVs, and the eGV70 will be the company's first EV SUV.

We've seen spy shots of it, and we don't suspect any big improvements from the standard gas-burning GV70. We've already seen how Genesis decided to turn the G80 sedan into the G80 Electrified. What is obvious is that Genesis does not want significant distinctions between its ICE and EV models, which contradicts industry trends.

Apart from the electric edition, the GV70 will be much more difficult to spot, particularly from a distance. Check out TopElectricSUV's realistic depiction of an electric GV70. At first sight, it appears to be a standard GV70, but closer inspection reveals a grille that no longer serves an active function, a somewhat different bumper, and special (but not so obvious) aero wheels.

The electric GV70 will most likely be unveiled near the end of 2021, go into production in December, and go on sale in the first half of 2022.

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