Geely & Foxconn Will Make EV Cars For Faraday Future

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Geely and Foxconn will provide contract manufacturing services to Faraday Future. Geely recently signed an agreement to supply tech and engineering for Faraday Future. Reuters reported that Geely will build Faraday Future cars for the Chinese domestic market. Faraday Future expects to enter the U.S market with its FF91 model.

For now the Chinese automaker is looking for some investment in its electric automobiles. FF91 concept car unveiled in 2017 but Faraday Future couldn’t make it in production since then. It expected that taking the electric car to a production line requires S1 billion. FF91 is a luxury car but Faraday Future also has plans to make another model known as the FF81 which is a smaller and more affordable car compared to the FF91. FF81 is expected to go on sale in the U.S by 2023. The automaker then focuses on its smaller car FF71.

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