GAC Trumpchi EMPOW55 Will Reveal In Shanghai Auto Show

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GAC Trumpchi will reveal a new sedan for the Shanghai Auto Show called EMPOW55. The new four-door sedan will be built on the new Trumpchi GPMA platform. Its design is also new and different from what we have seen from the automaker before. The GAC Trumpchi EMPOW55 uses a new grille with an X-shaped design. Headlights and the front bumper are also aggressive and nice from the side view.

GAC Trumpchi

GAC Trumpchi EMPOW55 looks dynamic and sport with its thick C-pillar and beautiful shoulder line. At the rear, while there are some design elements drive from the latest generation Toyota Corolla but the EMPOW55 looks nice especially with its dual tailpipes.


Inside the cabin, GAC Trumpchi EMPOW55 has a simple but modern cabin with its wide air vents and fully LCD panel on the top that hosts the infotainment screen and the fully digital instrument cluster.

GAC Trumpchi EMPOW55

While there are no details about the technical specifications but it is said that the GAC Trumpchi EMPOW55 will use new 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged engines. It will probably use an 8-speed automatic transmission.

For more information, we need to wait until the official release.

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