GAC Toyota Announced The Production Of Ling Shang, Its Not Camry

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Some days ago, the Toyota section in China, the GAC Toyota, has officially announced the start of existence of he knew leap class car, Ling Shang in the live broadcast. In the show, the football star “Wang Shuang” had her own role too. This car can be some how compared with the Toyota Camry, but up-to-dated, with future appearance.

gac toyota lingshang

By the press conference to introduce this new sedan, Wen Dali, Executive Deputy General Manager of GAC Toyota, said:

"The launch of Ling Shang is not a simple product launch, nor a mere market replenishment, but a brand new leap for GAC Toyota to embrace young people. , Is an exclusive customized gift for young friends to get a sense of MAX."

By the way, this face, maybe will be appreciated by young ones, but maybe for the business men/women could be much more attractive. The closest category o put it in, is Sedan.


The face of this vehicle, can be a combination of nobility and aggressive design. However, it looks good. The big grille on the front with the horizontal fins, had impact on the widens of this vehicle. It’s a bit wider. The LED headlights are not just for beauty, the visually is extended too.

The other feature of body, here is the chrome-plated window decorations. The silver trims on the sides and 17-inch multi-spoke wheels made it much more fashion. The split taillights are also loved by almost everyone.

gac toyota ling shang

Under The Hood

This car is built up based on the TNGA platform. The “jumping” power for this GAC Toyota is recorded. The power of this vehicle comes from a 2.0 L Dynamic Force engine and Direct Shift CVT gearbox, which not only achieves the world's top 40% thermal efficiency, but also has a strong power value of 126kW and peak torque of 205N·m. the suspension system of this vehicle, the front McPherson + rear E-type multi-link suspension, make the travel much more convenient for the passengers.

Safety First

Ling Shang has a complete rigid body structure thanks to the laser welding. Also, as this company clams, with Ling Shang’s 7 airbag star safety can be significantly risen. Moreover, the TSS2 smart travel safety system is another feature in this car. When help is needed, the intelligent auxiliary systems such as pre-collision safety, dynamic radar cruise control, lane tracking assist, and AHB automatic adjustment of high beams, are there to handle the problem well.

Technology Engaged

This vehicle is going to have the “jumping" intelligent technology. Also, thanks to the big interior, inside the cabin a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 9-inch floating central control screen are available. Even with the "smart interconnection", the entertainment becomes online, the online music, online radio, GPS navigation and other technological applications through the network. In addition, just by Voice you can control the car windows, air conditioning, and music playback. The “speaking” can control the air conditioner/engine, remote location and search for cars and other functions too.

gac toyota ling shang

For a 2750 mm wheelbase car, it’s a B-class car. So having the leather seats, one-button lift windows, intelligent keyless entry, one-button start, intelligent dual-cycle automatic air conditioning, and leather steering wheel are some normal options.


As mentioned before, its going to be two kinds of these sedans. The luxury version of it, would cast the Chinese customers 148,800 yuan, and the premium version is priced at 15.88 yuan. By having one GAC Toyota Ling Shang, the buyers can use preferential policies such as 60% down payment and interest-free for a minimum of 2 years.

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