GAC’s New Space Concept Revealed With Hydrogen Powertrain

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The new Space idea was introduced by GAC in China. The new idea has a lounge-like interior, a hydrogen powertrain, an aerodynamic design, and futuristic stylistic cues.

GAC withheld any technical information pertaining to the concept's hydrogen powertrain. But according to Autocar, they also displayed a 1.5-liter combustion engine that runs on hydrogen as fuel. The fuel consumption of the GAC motor is 0.84 kilogram of hydrogen per 100 km.

The Space sports an aerodynamic minivan silhouette, and a huge grille completely encircles the front end. Other elements include a heavily slanted windshield and full-width LED headlights in the Hyundai Staria design.

Space Concept

A normal door and a second gullwing door on one side of the car provide simple access to the interior.

Traditional Chinese architecture served as inspiration for the roof's design at the back, which also gives the occupants more headroom. The back window is replaced with lit vertical bars on the octagonal-shaped tail, which continues the concept.


Since the concept is capable of Level 4 autonomy, the cabin is designed to resemble a futuristic living room. The dashboard features a retractable steering yoke, wood inlays, and three screens combined into a single panel.

Different modes are available to passengers, which alters the ambiance. The seat spin, the floor lights up like twisting streams, and the central table rises in the Bonfire Circle mode. The Tea Time Lounge mode is particularly intriguing since it has an additional seating space that rises from the back so people can unwind and sip tea outside.

At the 2022 GAC Tech Day event held at the automaker's R&D facility in Guangzhou, China, the GAC Space was displayed.

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