Future Nissan Sylphy E-POWER Is Not A Secret Any More, The Photos Leaked

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Just at shanghai Motor show 2021, Nissan COO Ashniwa Gupta presented the newest e-POWER technology for the Sylphy. These four doored vehicles, is the top-selling car in China. What was shared in this show, is the 6 models by 2025 but the things happened much more sooner. We can see the Sylphy e-POWER exterior already.

The new photos of this new Nissans vehicle are leaked out, although there is much time till the real debuted time. It seems it’s the regular model but with an e-POWER etiquette on it. there are some new changes too, like the special aluminum wheel! Don’t take it too easy. These wheels are much more complex than the regular wheels, its multi-spoke aluminum wheels just for the e-POWER grade.

2022 nissan sylphy e power

The back look gives the whole car, a muscular body structure. You can see the 300 badges on the rear tailgate, stated for the maximum torque and e-POWER badge on the lower right, to emphasize the differences. There is also a rear diffuser.

This is the model which is designed for China, not anywhere else. This new Sylphy has an original V-motion grille which has a black accents pattern, decorated with fishing-eye type front headlights and horizontal LED fog light. The front intake is changed to a vertical one. On the front doors bottom, the e-POWER logo is clearly in sight.

2022 nissan salphy e power

The power of this beloved car, comes from a 1.2 liter in line 3-cylinder small engine and an electric motor, which has already used in Note Aura / Kicks e-POWER. The combination of power can reach to 136 hp and maximum torque reaches to 300 Nm.

This vehicle, has the new logo of Nissan on the front end, just like the grille pattern which is a new one. It has a child pattern.

The Sylphy in Japan has already gone on sale and ended but the new vehicle, shouldn’t be available in market very soon.

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