French Automaker, Delage, Comes Back To The Market With D12

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At the beginning of the 20th century, there where not many car makers around the world but they tried to be the best of the bests. One of this companies was Delage. This French automaker was the symbol of French luxury motoring. It was the idol of so many people who loved race and motor technologies. But their existence last for 50 years. In 1953, Delage stop producing cars and went hibernate. Now after 70 years Delage woke up from the winter sleep and shouted its returns with a hypercar.

The new owner of Delage, Laurent Tapie, gave a second life to the firm. He plans to revive the production at the marque’s old Levallois-Perret plant. And the first step of the new production was introducing D the company aimed for, there just be 30 of this hypercar around the world and already two of them have been sold. This car costs €2 million each.

Engine Specification

This vehicle has its own features. Delage D12 is powered mainly by a 7.6-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine. The combustion processes is done with help of electric motor. So, the total output is raised to 1,115-hp (831-kW) and is equipped with an eight-speed single-clutch gearbox he weighs of this car is 1,400-kg. Of course, there is a lighter version of it (1,310-kg) too which has a smaller electric motor with the 1,024-hp (831-kW) output. This car is ready to hit 100 km/h speed just in 2.5 seconds.

Delage D12 face appearance

Face Of a F1

Other unique feature of this auto, is its appearance. As this car is inspired by pushrod suspension and the location of the seats, this car looks like a Formula 1 car. The driver seat is located in the center of the car and another seat is behind the driver. It seems that you don’t drive a car, actually a fly a fighter jet. Anyway, Delage is taking advantage of the ex-F1 1997 World Champion experienced driver, Jacques Villeneuve, to work along with engine engineering team.

Delage D12 concept seat order

Till now there are no other information about the maximum speed of this hypercar. But as this car is doing great, this company has targeted the Nürburgring to set a lap record. We hope that all the efforts of the engineers be successful and D12 be the ace of the Delage’s revival.

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