Ford Mustang Remains The Best-Selling Sports Car After 56 Years

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Who doesn’t love sports car? Who doesn’t like Ford Mustang? Almost no one! It was April 17 1964, when the American company unveiled this beloved car for the first time. That was almost 56 years ago and yet, its popularity is growing day by day, especially in Europe. The sixth-generation of the pony car, is currently available in 146 countries around the world.



According to Ford itself, 633.000 units of this amazing car has been sold. For those who do not know: that is a huge number and a memorable success. But you should also know that a great portion of this number, is dedicated to the US market. It means that almost 71 percent of the buyers were American, especially in 2019.

Do not take us the wrong way! It doesn’t mean that its popularity in fading in other regions and places. As we mentioned earlier, Ford Mustang is becoming more and more popular and lovable day by day in Europe. For example, Germany had a 33 percent growth in demand for Ford Mustang in its market last year, while this number was approximately 50 percent in other countries such as France and Poland. In total, European customers bought 9.900 units of the pony car, which is jaw-dropping for an American product in Europe. The interesting point is that this number decreased by 4.4 percent in the US market in 2019. It is fascinating, isn’t it?!

Pandemic effects

As we all know, the pandemic and sudden burst of Coronavirus affected almost all industries so bad that many had to shut down. The automotive industry was affected as well. Then probably that is why the mighty Ford Mustang, didn’t do very well in 2020.

The pony car has some special assembly plant for itself in Michigan, which is closed due to the virus. So, it is facing some strict limitations.

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