Ford F-150 Lightning Production Has Been Doubled

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Ford Motor Company intends to roughly treble F-150 Lightning manufacturing by 2023. Ford expects strong enough demand for the F-150 Lightning that manufacturing plans for the electric pickup will be roughly doubled to 150,000 units per year.

In the United States, the Ford F-150 is a household brand, and the unveiling of the F-150 Lightning, its electric cousin, has sparked extraordinary demand. Over 200,000 bookings were booked when Ford revealed that buyers may select for a $100 refundable reservation. Eighty percent of those who have reserved a truck are anticipated to purchase it.

The initial objective of 40,000 cars per year had already climbed to 80,000 by early 2023, but that number will now jump to 150,000 by the middle of the year.

Ford assembled a small, multi-disciplinary work committee to make this modification possible. Manufacturing, buying, strategy, product development, and capacity planning personnel are making the required improvements to increase Lightning's production capacity. The manufacturer is also working with suppliers to obtain the necessary additional components.

Ford F-150 Lightning

In many waves, Ford intends to let individuals convert their F-150 Lightning reservations into sales. If you have a reservation, the carmaker will send you an email invitation to purchase the electric truck. A person's account can also provide this information.

According to Ford CEO Jim Farley, 70% of Lightning reservation holders are new to Ford and pickup trucks, with the business aiming to become the world's second-largest producer of electric cars in the next two years.

More than 75% of those making bookings are new to Ford, according to the company. Before tax credits, the electric truck starts at $39,974. According to a consumer survey, the Platinum grade may cost $89,874.

The F-150 Lightning is currently in the final stages of development. The industrial samples are meant to be used to assess real-world durability. Ford intends to begin production of the vehicle in the spring and deliver it to dealers.

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