Fiat's Global Triumph, Dominating Markets Beyond Europe

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While Fiat may have dwindled in significance in Europe and is virtually absent in the US market, its fortunes elsewhere paint a vastly different picture. In 2023, Fiat continued its impressive streak by outselling all other automakers under the Stellantis umbrella for the third consecutive year. Following the merger of FCA and PSA finalized in early 2021, Stellantis emerged as a formidable force in the automotive landscape, boasting a portfolio of no fewer than 14 brands.


Fiat proudly reports a 12 percent increase in demand compared to 2022, with sales reaching a commendable 1.35 million units. Although Fiat's market share in its native Italy stood at 12.8 percent in 2023, or 11.1 percent when considering only passenger cars, other regions significantly contributed to the brand's sales growth. Notably, Fiat commanded a remarkable 15.7 percent market share in Turkey, while in Brazil, a staggering 21.8 percent of new car buyers opted for a Fiat.

Impressively, Fiat's dominance extended to markets like Algeria, where its market share soared to a staggering 78.6 percent. South America witnessed a Fiat resurgence, with sales exceeding 542,000 units in 2023, marking a significant increase of 45,300 cars compared to the previous year and securing a market share of 14.5 percent. Additionally, in the Middle East & Africa region, Fiat maintained its reign as the best-selling brand for the fifth consecutive year, capturing 15.7 percent of the market share.

Highlighting Fiat's popular models, the Panda emerged as the top-selling vehicle in Italy, showcasing enduring appeal despite its age. In Brazil, the Strada small truck enjoyed popularity, while the Tipo/Egea garnered significant interest from buyers in Turkey and Algeria.

Fiat pickup

In the European market, the charming 500e reigned supreme as the best-selling electric car in the A and B segments, boasting a remarkable market share of 14.7 percent. This chic EV dominated markets such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Austria, securing a second-place finish in France. Meanwhile, the previous-generation 500 and the Panda collectively recorded sales of over 230,000 units in Europe in 2023, commanding an impressive market share of 44.4 percent in the city car segment.

Looking ahead, Fiat anticipates a promising year in 2024 with the launch of a new Panda in Europe and the continued success of the 600 small crossover in its inaugural full year on the market.

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