Ferrari Breadvan Under The Niels Van Roji Design Surgery

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The glory of 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan is not a common thing to forget. This piece of art was always beloved and now we see its not still forgotten. Niels van Roij Design has newly unveiled a new work on Ferrari 550 Maranello, in fact not much recently, about 2 years ago.

550 Maranello Niels van roji

The 550 Marnello inherited the Breadvans so many specifics, but also changed in a good way. On the hood one clear bubble is in sight also we see two circular lights mounted on front bumper. These kinds of lights were wildly used at 60’s. what can remind us that is still a Ferrari, is the elongated front look. By going to the end of the vehicle, all what you had in your mind changes. Behind the car, menacing quad exhaust made this modification sportier.

Ferrari Breadvan by Niels van Roji

Also, to make the car more and more light, in the side louvers behind the windows plastic was used. And the whole bodywork was done with just a complete aluminum shell to prevent shut lines.

Under the hood of this car lies the naturally aspirated 5.5-liter V12 engine which is the same as the Ferrari Breadvan. This engine produces 478 horsepower and delivers 419 pound-feet (568 Newton-meters) of torque, in this lighter car. The wheels of it are a 20-inch set wrapped in Vredestein tires, while the bespoke Koni shocks are adjustable to mirror those of the 1962 Breadvan.

Ferrari Breadvan by Niels Van Roji

Interior of this Maranello has experienced some changes. We can see the retro-styled dials and switchgear from milled aluminum inside the car. moreover, the combination of Quilted black leather and blue Alcantara fit each other for the seat cover very well. Also, the Door Straps take us to the 1960’s cars.

Ferrari Breadvan by Niels van roji

As Niels van Roji Design has a very wise hand to make differences, having this kind of changes is not very weird, but also it makes it so spectacular.

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