Ferrari 812 GTS Stallone Tuned By Mansory Could Hit 850 Horsepower

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Once again, Mansory puts its hand on another prefect car, to make it perfecter. It was just one year ago that this tuner told the news of its package for the 812 Superfast. And now what we have is Ferrari 812 GTS. The “Stallone” is here, the naturally aspirated V12 convertible.

What this German tuner can do with a Ferrari, is to make it more aggressive, bigger and also faster. The tune package includes the body kit full of fiber carbon, inside upgrades and also under the hood new programming, to extract all the power that this car can tolerate.

Ferrari 812 GTs by Mansory

The body kit on this Ferrari includes the massive rear wing bringing back which is really the fundamental thing for tuning. Also, the plethora of aerodynamic add-ons and more vents are considered on it. Inside the car is also attractive. We have a Ferrari without the red accent. Its all about Blue this time. Leather is used almost everywhere. The white accents also completed the harmony.

Ferrari 812 GTS Stallone by mansory

Also, there are some carbon fiber trim and aluminum pedals inside the vehicle. The Illuminated door sill panels is the last change inside.

The most important changes lay under hood. What Mansory done to this 812 GTS, is the a rather neat-looking quad exhaust system which helps to reveal more power. The 6.5-liter engine of this vehicle with the front pumps, has the output of 820 horsepower and 740 Nm. That mean 31 horsepower more than before and 22 Nm more Torque. And the new oomph, this Stallone is ready to hit 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds. This also has the record of 345 km/h as the top speed.

Ferrari 812 GTS Stallone by mansory

Anyway, if you want have a Ferrari which could beat this tuned one, there is a high possibility to have another version of 812 by company. The tuned by company could hit 850 hp with its front-engine naturally aspirated V12 model.

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