FAW Toyota CROWN KLUGER Shines At Shanghai Auto Show, Its Just Like American's Sport Cars

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FAW Toyota has unveiled the all-new model CROWN KLUGER ahead of the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show. the cladding of the overall appearance can be seen as increasing interest in the car in the shop. Referring to the brand patent revealed earlier, its Chinese name could be "Crown-Lufang".

The outline of the new car basically reveals the kinship with the compatriots of Guangfeng Highlander, but the overall style is more like that of the American sports model, and the whole image is very majestic and lofty. Among the places where new ideas are added are a whole set of large casings on the whole front, rear, left and right sides of the body, double radiator grilles (upper honeycomb, lower large-sized banner), crown LOGO logo, etc., it seems that the distinctive identity is emphasized everywhere.


The book data of the car is slightly oversized, the length, width and height are equivalent to 5015/1930/1750mm, and the wheelbase is 2850mm. The powertrain goes the way of energy-saving and efficient dual engine technology. The new car uses a hybrid system consisting of a 2.5-liter engine mated to a CVT transmission. The maximum engine output is 192 HP. From the rear, it can be seen that there will be an electronic all-wheel-drive system.

Based on the enablement and support of the TNGA architecture, according to Corolla, Ralink, Asia Lions, and Lingshang, it seems that Toyota's pace of development and expansion in China is not in line with the status quo. See now the "North-South two-vehicle strategy" choice. In the SUV sector, it is a good move to fully tap the market audience while effectively increasing market share. Under the aura of the brand and the "Crown successor", the car has the characteristics to enter the ranks of hot models. It is not surprising that it will even cause a price hike or queue when it is officially launched.

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